Friday, May 22nd, 2015
Under a clear October Sky, the band has fallen silent. The fans have all returned home and the players have gone on to other endeavors....chores, school work, fun with friends. A light frost covers the playing field and a promise of winter hangs in the air. Bleachers and goalposts stand lonely under a full harvest moon. The game is over, the victory won....all that remains are the memories. Let's take a stroll across this starlit field. Can you hear the townspeople cheering? Can you feel their pride? Listen very closely. The ghosts of homecomings past, of victories and defeats, of hopes and faraway dreams, still linger here. The spirit remains, ingrained in every bleacher, every goalpost, every yardline. Take a moment to recall the special times that have taken place here. Remember the encouraging cries of the ever-faithful cheerleaders, the enthusiasm of the fans, the quiet (or not so quiet!) strength of that special coach and the anticipation and camaraderie of your fellow teammates. If you really listen, I know you'll hear it. I know you can feel the honor, the glory and even the pain. The wisps of memories hang lightly in the air, captured here in this special place, prisoners of the past. You can reach out and touch them if you'll only try. They remain long after that last fan has gone, the last victory won and the last season played. LAH/ACC - 10/93