Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wellsville Elementary School
Google Logo Design Contest
March 2010


"If I could, I would go to Africa to see its animals. The G represents a snake. The two O’s represent the nose of a hippo. The second G represents a monkey. The L represents a giraffe. Finally, the E represents an alligator’s head. I would love to visit Africa.” by Rachael"


“If I could do anything, I would go camping. I love all of the things you can do while camping, including reading, drawing, jump roping and playing outside. So that is why my doodle fits the theme.” by Taylor Stuck


“If I could do anything I would travel in space to look for new planets, galaxies, and life forms. I would love to explore the unknown and discoveries that are out of this world.” by Garrett


“If I could do anything, I would make every body happy. My doodle is filled with smiley faces because when you smile at someone the smile back and that seems to make them happy.” by Isabel


“If I could, I would live in a house by a beach. I would want that because I like to swim and I love to look for sea shells with my Grandma, and I also like warm weather.” by Erin


“If I could do anything, I would save the rain forest because I like oxygen.” by Shannon